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Child Protection Policy

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Class Rules

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Class Rules

Class rules

Please arrive for your lesson on time. The warm up is essential to the class: it will help to prevent injuries and prepare your child mentally and physically for the session.


   No jewellery

    Long hair must be tied back securely with a band. And any hair shouldn't be falling in to face.

   No jeans or long trousers

   No socks or tights

Access to Classes

Children may only access our classes if payment has been made in advance. We are unable to allow children to attend classes without payment and/or a signed permission form. This could invalidates our insurnace protection policy for your child and us.


Appropriate Clothing must be worn for all sessions, as detailed below.


Other information


Photography is NOT permitted in the hall. Once a year we have a display at which you are allowed to take photos of your child.

Food / Drink

Food is not permitted in the hall. Children may bring a plastic water bottle into the hall. If you child would like a post school/pre class snack we would suggest easily digestible fruit juice, dried or fresh fruit. Children eating any more then this just before the class risk feeling sick or getting stomach cramp during the session.

Medical Needs

Please make sure that the head coach is aware if your child has any special medical needs. We would strongly suggest that you mention all relevant needs to the head coach at the beginning of your child's term. We do our best to include ALL children in our sessions. If your child is Autistic, Epileptic or has Diabetes, you are welcome to stay for the duration of their class.

Pick up

Please pick up your children from the main door to the hall. For safety reasons we cannot let young children out of the gym without a parent or guardian to meet them. Children in Secondary School may leave by themselves.

If parents/carers arrive more than 15 minutes after the end of the session, they will be charged for the coaches extra time.

Drop Off

We encourage all parents to stop and drop. Settling in is often much easier if the parent can swiftly leave and we can get on with the coaching. The schools that we work in do not allow parents to stay and watch. An exception to this rule is made for medical / special needs (see Medical Needs). Once a term we hold an open session where parents can stay to watch their children.